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One of the highlights of my mom’s 50th birthday celebration, was a visit to two orphanages in Abuja. This was one of the most profound experiences of my adult life. I heard sad but inspiring stories of children who were no better than me, but just happened to be born in the wrong place. I believe giving to the less privileged and needy is a duty to us all.

Donations and Visit to two Orphanages in Abuja, Nigeria

Giving to charity not only helps the recipients involved, but also improves our overall mood and gives us a sense of purpose in the world. How good will the world be if the more fortunate in the society are all givers with a purpose.

You might feel some sort of way about donating to the big organizations that claim to help the needy and make a difference, but I have been more inclined to give to small grassroots organizations that attack the problems on the local level.

Please donate to these two charities dear to my heart. If you are outside Nigeria, send us a message and we would help you with the donation procedure. Or look for a nonprofit organization around you to make a donation. Let us know if there is any charity that you would like us to add to our list.

1. Name: Vine Heritage Home | Acc/Nr: 0209886734 | Bank: GTB

2. Name: City of Refuge Orphanage | Acc/Nr: 1770459725 | Bank: Polaris Bank

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