My Maltese Adventure- Emmanuel Ezego

Malta comprises 3 Island, 2 occupied and one unoccupied Both main Malta and Gozo are occupied with a total of over 500k inhabitants in the whole country. Comino remains unoccupied and fun fact, Comino’s name is derived from the Island used to produce the popular spice “Cumin”. Malta – Before travel All travellers to MaltaContinue reading “My Maltese Adventure- Emmanuel Ezego”

I don’t wanna PRAGUE about it

There are a few cities in the world that need little or no introduction. I’m sure you know someone that talks about going on a weekend escape to Ibiza, Paris, Budapest or London. Maybe you? Well, Prague falls in this category of cities with great history, architecture and tourism.   According to legend, Princess Libuše, theContinue reading “I don’t wanna PRAGUE about it”

La experiencia de Salamanca

After I graduated from the Aeronautical Engineering study, I started working in a hotel. I also did some car driving lessons (unsuccessfully) and spent time on my hobbies. Still, I had time left. Part of that time I wanted to spend on learning a language. It didn’t matter which one. It would be a goodContinue reading “La experiencia de Salamanca”

Ams 2 Ibiza: More than just a Party Island

I and a couple of friends planned out a boys trip at the end of 2019 to Ibiza. When you hear “Ibiza”, What comes to your mind? Beach Parties? House Parties? Bar Parties? In summary, a lot of Parties. Well 2020 had other plans. If you live on planet Earth you know that COVID-19 crippledContinue reading “Ams 2 Ibiza: More than just a Party Island”

A trip back in Time – Imperial War Museum, Duxford

In 2016, I traveled to the U.K for a school trip. I had been to the U.K on previous family vacations but this one felt different. You always wonder; what are the use of school trips? To the student, it feels more like a vacation, than an educational trip. And although, learning is still goingContinue reading “A trip back in Time – Imperial War Museum, Duxford”

Boot camp weekend- The Ardennes, Belgium; You are much more capable than you think.

I was accepted into the Honors program of my University. This meant that I had to take extracurricular classes on a range of topics. From the predictable leadership training courses to, I kid you not, a dog coaching class. I was prepared for most of the experiences I would encounter during the program, but oContinue reading “Boot camp weekend- The Ardennes, Belgium; You are much more capable than you think.”

Visit to Chocolate Nation, Antwerp; A delicious cure for a bad day

I once visited Antwerp, Belgium for the weekend. it was a 45 minute drive across the border from my home in Eindhoven. It’s crazy how much of Europe is accessible by car, and how alike Europeans are, even though many of them don’t agree. And I can understand that. I know how I react whenContinue reading “Visit to Chocolate Nation, Antwerp; A delicious cure for a bad day”

Visit to China-Binging in Beijing

After graduating high school , I took a gap year before proceeding with my university education. During this gap year I visited Beijing, and I lived there together with my family for about 3 months. I was a typical tourist. You know the ones you love to hate. Yes, I was all that and more.Continue reading “Visit to China-Binging in Beijing”