The beauty of chess

The Queen’s GambitEvery few months there’s a new Netflix show that is a hit. The last show that tops the list worldwide is The Queen’s Gambit (named after one of the oldest chess openings). No superhero, no drugs cartel, no Spanish bank robbers, but a female chess player steals the show. A talented girl, anContinue reading “The beauty of chess”

La experiencia de Salamanca

After I graduated from the Aeronautical Engineering study, I started working in a hotel. I also did some car driving lessons (unsuccessfully) and spent time on my hobbies. Still, I had time left. Part of that time I wanted to spend on learning a language. It didn’t matter which one. It would be a goodContinue reading “La experiencia de Salamanca”

What if all men just behaved properly for 24 hours?

Women, part 4 *This is part 4 in the series about women. This part is to let the reader know about a recent post I saw on the internet and how it made me feel. Also, I would like men to know how not to limit the lives of women, but instead how to improveContinue reading “What if all men just behaved properly for 24 hours?”

The positive influence of women on my life

Women, part 3 *This is part 3 in the series about women. This part is to let the reader know about some of the positive influences women had and have on my life. Some qualities and characteristics in people you are only going to appreciate when they become clear to you. Hopefully this piece canContinue reading “The positive influence of women on my life”

Women about their menstrual cycle and period

Women, part 2.2 *This part is a continuation on part 2.1 in which the menstrual cycle and period was already discussed. For this part I asked some of my female friends and sister to describe their period or menstrual cycle to me. I did this, because I knew not one cycle is exactly the same.Continue reading “Women about their menstrual cycle and period”

The period and menstrual cycle

Women, part 2.1 * This is the first part about the menstrual cycle and period. In this part can be read about research that I did to get more knowledge about it. I discuss my personal view as well. Such as the social aspects and what we can do (as men) to support women inContinue reading “The period and menstrual cycle”

Fertilization and Pregnancy

Women, part 1 *This is part 1 in the series about women. This part will be to inform the reader about a biological process many women and the female body will experience and a requirement for it: pregnancy and fertilization. We don’t have to look very far to find the importance of women: they giveContinue reading “Fertilization and Pregnancy”