Vincent Donders


My name is Vincent. I was born in the beautiful city of Leiden in the Netherlands and have lived there all my life. I love writing, with which I started when I had finished high school at the age of 18. I am a big fan of all art forms, such as music, films and ‘museum art’ and I have always been inspired by my education and friends. One of those friends is Victor.

I know Victor (Ayomide) since the spring of 2016 while we were both studying Aeronautical Engineering in Delft. I met him in the Innovation Studio of our University, where I was doing my internship. He changed the whole atmosphere when he walked in, in a positive way. I walked up to him to figure out who this intriguing person was. We have been friends ever since. From having dinners together and working on school to meeting Beatrix, the former queen of the Netherlands, to present the bamboo bike, a project that Victor had developed for the Innovation Studio and was one of the products that would be presented at The International Festival of Technology in Delft, for which I organised the part for our University.

Our professional paths separated after we both graduated from Aeronautical Engineering in 2018 (he did four years of studying to currently be a very good engineer at DAF Trucks, while I did five years of studying to figure out I wanted to be a teacher in physics, for which I’m currently studying), but our friendship never separated. 

In the beginning of June 2020, Victor came to me and asked me if I could contribute to his site that he wanted to start in which he brings people closer together by educating them in different subjects. Straight away I was enthusiastic about the idea, because I have a love for writing, and I’m an educator myself. But even stronger, since I have known Ayo, I want to support him in all his ideas and dreams because I fully believe in them! In our friendship we bring each other to greater heights, that is now manifested in this beautiful site.

We both have a vision for the future and ideas about how the world can develop.
We believe with this site we contribute to that development and show you the possibilities in which tomorrow is (even) more beautiful than today. We hope you enjoy this site!

Love and ‘ekabo’,


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