My Maltese Adventure- Emmanuel Ezego

Malta comprises 3 Island, 2 occupied and one unoccupied

Both main Malta and Gozo are occupied with a total of over 500k inhabitants in the whole country. Comino remains unoccupied and fun fact, Comino’s name is derived from the Island used to produce the popular spice “Cumin”.

Malta – Before travel

All travellers to Malta are required by law to be fully vaccinated before entry and prove it. PCR test is not required for entry, just prove of full vaccination which must be included in your passengers’ locator form.

Malta – Whole travel

I landed at the International Airport of Malta and screening to exit was very easy and straightforward. In less than 15min, I was out of the airport.

I was staying at Mellieha which was 1hour away from the airport by public transportation.

I opted to use a private ride as I didn’t know much about the country and the ride was 30min to my hotel and was affordable. Eur 15 for a return trip. But in case you want to use the bus option, its very straight forward. Google maps (android) and Maps (IOS) works perfectly well on the Island. Bus trips are Eur 1.50 and the ticket lasts for a time period of 2 hours.

I stayed at Solana Hotels & Spa located near Mellieha bay, a 20min walk from the beach.

I got the hotel from Booking and what surprised me of this hotel were the consistent process all year long. I stayed for 5 days/ 4 nights and paid £92 pounds/ Eur 112 breakfast included. Without breakfast it was £72.

The hotel has 2 swimming pools: one on the upper part of the hotel with amazing views of the entire Island and the sea. The second pool is a heated pool on the lower level of the hotel. This lower level also had a sauna and a small gym (a bit small and unkept), I didn’t use it since I couldn’t get the machines to work, guess the staff might know how to make it work.

The rooms are spacious, and all contain, hairdryer, coffee maker and fridge. Some rooms have a mini kitchen added, I didn’t get that privilege but was happy for the room I got.

See gallery below:

Hotel front side
My room
The swimming pool on the upper side of the hotel
The gym
The indoor heated pool

Activities to do In Malta

I recommend looking into activities to do via this website:

I booked a full tour around Gozo with quad for £79 and got it discounted to £69 due to student discount.

I had to cancel my quad booking because I didn’t have drivers’ license but was reimbursed to book the jeep tour.

The tour includes a hotel pickup, transportation by boat to Gozo, Jeep tour around Gozo with a tour guide and lunch as well.

Quad tour
Jeep tour

A tour around Gozo is a must. It’s a paradise.

The tour will include Lunch with amazing views, food tasting (cactus marmalade, different types of honeys on the Island and other delicacies), boat cruise in the village of Dwejra where one could do scuba diving as well.

The tour guide will be the one to ride the Jeep or one of the Quads (if you choose this option). You will learn about the history of Malta, go deep into the culture and get adventurous with some of the locations.

I totally recommend booking this tour.

Valletta – Capital

Day 4 of my tour, I went to Valletta, and it was crowded. Mellieha is very calm compared to the capital. If you love crowd and human interaction, Valletta is for you.

The benefit of staying in Valletta that I couldn’t find elsewhere is there are some of our popular brands represented there. Supermarkets are replaced with local markets elsewhere with prices that may be a bit expensive, but in Valletta, you can find supermarkets that have affordable price. So, if you wish, you could do shopping in Valletta and take it to Mellieha (just 1hour away).

Hopefully, I can return to Malta and explore Valletta more and visit another village called Medina.

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