The Big Story 012 – Lola Adegoke

We welcome Lola to The Big Story.

She’s a personal friend to the podcast and a hugely requested guest. Running and growing these businesses with multiple milestones over a combined 15 years has helped in making her believe that anything is possible with great vision and excellent execution. This belief has given her the ability to help others replicate the same level of success and much more over the years! She has a passion for development in Africa because she believes that God’s purpose for her life is to reform the continent of Africa one country at a time. She once said, “Stop calling Africa poor. Africa is not poor, countries in Africa are only run poorly.” With this statement, she believes that every child has the absolute right to live a healthy life and to be educated. Different experiences have inspired her to effect change in her home country and that’s what she intends to do.

This was really a nice one. Enjoy listening

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