The Big Story 006 – Abiodun Dominic Odunuga

We welcome Abiodun Dominic Odunuga to The Big Story.

Abiodun Dominic Odunuga is a Development Practitioner and Serial Social Entrepreneur with interdisciplinary competencies that cut across entrepreneurial education, sustainability consulting, corporate social responsibility, social entrepreneurship, and project management.

He has over 7 years of proven competence in consulting for the Private Sector, International Development Organizations, Small and Medium Scale Enterprises (SMEs), Governments, Social Enterprises and International NGOs across Africa and Europe.

We discuss critical topics like business investment and things to think about when starting a business. We also discuss the importance of Africans in diaspora leveraging their unique strengths and linking up together to create something truly special.

We conclude by discussing about Friends of Nigeria (FON), a non-profit headquartered in France which is actively involved in promoting the attractiveness of Nigeria to French (and European) investors and companies.

We had a lot of fun discussing vital matters that I’m sure you will all enjoy.

FON website:

Interview also available on YouTube.

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