The positive influence of women on my life

Women, part 3

*This is part 3 in the series about women. This part is to let the reader know about some of the positive influences women had and have on my life. Some qualities and characteristics in people you are only going to appreciate when they become clear to you. Hopefully this piece can help with that.

When I was 22 years old, I almost finished my first study. I only had to do my last year’s internship. I so badly wanted to graduate. I had been there for four years and I felt lonely and lost. I definitely had some people I would call my friends, such as Victor. But something was missing and out of balance: there were not enough girls. This also caused the atmosphere to be too masculine. In my first year, we started with 150 students of which seven girls and the atmosphere was very competitive and ambitious. Together causing a situation that is difficult for me to handle. I don’t function well if I do not have enough women to spend time with.

The summer before the start of my last year’s internship I met two girls. Who, however you want to put it, changed my life. Together with their (female) friends who I met sometime later (while I was already doing my internship).
‘Change’ is a very vague term and doesn’t say anything about positive or negative. Also, you could say that everyone you meet in life influences you, maybe even in the slightest way. But I am definitely formed strongly by women. Everyone who knows me can see that.

I would like to mention that I felt completely in love with one of the two girls I met that summer (on the night from the 26th to the 27th of June at 1:00 am). And if I say completely, I mean com-plet-ly! I couldn’t function normally when I was not with her. I thought about her all the time. When I woke up, when I went to sleep and many times in between. As you can imagine, this is very troubling if you are trying to succeed in your internship. I still graduated though… There is no-one who I have thought so much about in the last three years. I thought about her everyday for, I think, one and a half/two years in a row. Sometimes five minutes, sometimes longer. Also, I had trouble eating and enjoying things without her. You could say I know what the feeling of ‘being in love’ really means, since I know her. I have written pages and pages of poems for her and I suddenly understood all the (cheesy) love songs. They all seem to be about her.
Spoiler: we aren’t together, since she couldn’t answer my love for her. For this I cried many tears, often even falling asleep with them on my cheeks. Still, I can call her one of my friends. She was the love of my life and she will always be in a way. She is my shadow love: the love that I will always carry with me, but never will be able to ‘grab and hold’ for the rest of my life. In any case, she is a very good example of someone who has (had) a big positive influence on my life. And this influence can for instance be seen in the effect of decreasing one of my strongest, but most tenacious characteristics: my insecurity.   

Resolving insecurity
I am very insecure and I was even more insecure. I’ll spare you the long story of my insecurity. I have bothered many people with my insecurities and myself the most. But if people stick with you and keep trying to help you, then you know they care about you. Even if you’re difficult with some of your characteristics. And those relationships, I have with women and men, luckily.
What I can tell you is that this insecurity became the dominating factor in the person who I am during the time I was studying in Delft. During that time I had (too) little contact with women. Spending too little time with women not only makes me insecure, women have also been the ones that worked the hardest on resolving my insecurities and are slowly but steadily succeeding in that.

Women comfort me very often (Photo by Tophee Marquez).

Physical beauty
Let’s be honest, we have to talk about physical beauty if we are talking about the positive influences of women. Because women have a lot of it. And just to be clear, I’m not talking about the beauty you are sexually attracted to. I’m talking about the beauty women have, independent from which sexual preference you have and independent of the age of the girl/woman/lady we are talking about. Just the ‘Hey-I-like-to-look-at-you-because-your-cuteness-is-soothing-to-my-soul-beauty’. Yes, of course there are men/boys that have that beauty as well, definitely. But in our species of the animal kingdom, we have to admit that the woman is the prize, when it comes to beauty. If the world is a museum of beauty, then the woman is the greatest piece of art. On the same level as the Mona Lisa, the Night Watch, Las Meninas, works by Picasso, the most beautiful music, nature and the most incredible buildings. 

The physical beauty of women (Photo by Radomir Jordanovic).

Elegance, style and finesse
Elegance, style and finesse are all terms we could have used in the last paragraph as well. However, they are qualities by themselves that define so many women. How women move through the world, their feeling for (clothing)style, how they execute daily activities and even how they look at you is just something I really can enjoy. There is a certain smoothness and elegance that comes with being a woman. Which I see as something positive.
Now, I know that there are enough women who do not recognise themselves in these terms or not want to be denoted with them. Of course this is completely okay and every woman has the right to identify herself in the way she wants to be. She doesn’t have to conform to what I like to see. Or any other person for that matter. Even stronger, what I most like to see is a woman who acts how she wants to act and someone who dresses how she wants to dress. Both within certain margins of rules and the law of course. But feminine qualities are definitely not things you have to be ashamed of and if they come natural to you, I would take them with open arms. Even if you are a man. 

Elegance, style and finesse are characteristics that can be linked to a lot of women (Photo by Crina Doltu).

Emotional aspects and way of thinking
The heading above is troubling to a lot of men and gives them headaches more than once.
“Women are incomprehensible!” is what I heard a lot of men say during my lifetime.
That may be the case, but I know women say the same about men. There are fundamental differences between men and women. In our bodies, the way we handle things, how we experience love and how we experience sex. But I think that the biggest difference lies in experiencing emotions and way of thinking. And the stupidest thing you can do is get annoyed by this. Much better is to enjoy it! There is much to learn in the way other people think and how they experience emotions. Just because it is so different! A different view on life that improves its quality and seeing another side of the beauty of the other gender are just two of the advantages. And as a man I can say that a woman’s way of thinking and the emotions they experience can be shockingly intense and intensely beautiful. Sometimes even at the same time. I would say to take your advantage of it. 

The many faces and emotions that can annoy you, but should be the door to an interesting new temporary world (Photo by Andrea Piacquadio).

Effort to understand
I think it’s already difficult enough sometimes to understand yourself. So it’s understandable that men and women often do not understand each other. However, this isn’t a reason not to try and understand the other person. And I have noticed that it is more often the women that take effort in trying to understand men than vice versa. The same goes for trying to understand another individual. I am not always the most easy person to understand, but as all other persons I want to be understood. And since I spent especially the last couple of years a lot of time with many women, I know how it is to experience the comfortable feeling that falls over me like a warm blanket when they try to understand me. Let us try to all give this feeling to others. Just be interested in other people. Then, the ‘trying-to-understand-that-person’ will come by itself and with that the comfortable feeling at the other end.  

Sometimes it is just the way a woman listens to you, holds you or looks at you to feel the warmth of their love or the effort they take to try to understand you (Photo by Anna Shvets).

Satisfaction in life
Although the heading Satisfaction in life is meant as a positive (as all headings in this piece), I can understand that there are women thinking: wait, you can’t state we are satisfied, when many of us are not. Being satisfied with a situation that isn’t satisfying is unnatural and wrong. And being put in that position as well.
What I mean is that girls, women and ladies accept and understand (better than men in general) that life can be a playground, but one that does not give you more than you can have. In other words, women are easier satisfied with life. They need less to be happy. Or better put: it is more clear to them what makes them happy. Especially in the long run. And these are often not things that destroy the world or hurt other people. I, for one, could learn from this; being happy with what I have. I am very privileged. Yes, dissatisfaction with what you have can be the motivation to achieve a better life. To climb the ladder. The problem is that there will never be a height on which you are perfectly satisfied, until you change your perspective. A good example is love. In which I, just as many men as well as women can experience dissatisfaction. Well, there will always be someone smarter, more handsome, better in bed, more fun or more interesting. But ask yourself: is it worth breaking up the love I have with my current partner or friend for that other person? Maybe, but only if you don’t end up at the same crossroad with your next partner.  
I’m not saying you should be satisfied with life. I’m just saying that you should, if you can be. 

Are children in general not the most satisfied in life? When we get older we often want more an more. Sometimes even more than we can have. We should never forget the joy that satisfaction can bring us. Look at the face of this little girl. It isn’t the face of someone who is not satisfied in the moment. I think there are many women, just as children, that can teach you to be satisfied with what you have in life (Photo by Pixabay).

There is only one problem. Women not only understand better they need less in life to be happy, they often also get less…  

Of course both men and women can have fun. With other men and also with other women. I don’t think it can be determined if men or women have more fun or how strongly fun is experienced. This is not something objective, but something subjective. Also, fun should be nothing more than a part of life for most of us, but is very often overrated in everyday life, if you ask me. Still, when you can have it next to the development you experience as a person and the interesting life situations you come across, you better take it. So what does this have to do with women? Well, I have more fun with women and spending time with women over men is just a personal preference. Probably because I feel more comfortable amongst women. Of course there are exceptions and everyone can have their own favourite gender they rather spend time with, but this is just me.   

Hanging out with one or more women is often a bath of comfort for me (Photo by ELEVATE).

All and all, women brought a lot of positives to my life as you can read and I hope many more will follow in the future. Women as well as positives. And although I described the positive influence women had and have on my life, I think it’s fair to say that they have a positive influence on a lot of lives. Definitely the lives that are open for female influence. And I hope that here and there I can return the favour to women.

*It could be that this article is updated from time to time.

Published by Vincent Donders

Groot muziekliefhebber en erg geïnteresseerd in wetenschap en educatie.

3 thoughts on “The positive influence of women on my life

  1. Awesome article, Vincent!
    1. I think you must have some awesome women in your life since you see them so positively. I have known a few real b*tches in my life who seemed to thrive on drama and stupidity. Usually friends of friends, who you think you should like since your friend likes them. I am sure there are men who are annoying like that too, but I probably avoided them after one or 2 meetings.
    2. I think the male form is beautiful, not just the female one. There is huge variety in that beauty from very macho all the way to elfin. I like them all. And there are some (male and female) that, if you saw a photo you would not say that person is beautiful, but their personality makes them very attractive. I tend to be attracted to outgoing ambitious people. I don’t care if you want to be the best garbage collector, as long as you strive for doing your best. By the way, I think you are beautiful, in a photo but even more so because of who you are.
    3. One of my favorite quotes that I think is from May West is “ women who want to be equal to men lack imagination”. I interpret that to mean that we should use our differences to get along, not try to compete by wearing men’s wear and acting like men. Life would be so boring if we were all the same.
    4. Insecurity. I think everyone is insecure in some way otherwise you are possibly a psychopath. We all want to be loved and appreciated, and no matter how confident you think you are in some field, in another you will know nothing. Parenting is one of those areas that can totally slay your confidence since it is so hard to know what is right since the results only show decades down the line.
    5. Satisfaction in life and love. Our marriage works because we both are willing to give 100% (maybe not forever) when the other is overwhelmed. I think going into a relationship expecting both give 50% will always leave you comparing your efforts versus your partner. That does mean you have to choose a partner who feels the same, otherwise you just get taken advantage of. I think a minimalist can be super happy with less, but the world’s great achievements were not accomplished by those who are satisfied with the status quo.
    Thanks for sharing. I love learning about you through your writing.
    Cheers, Cato
    Sent from my phone. Please pardon typos.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Hey Cato! So nice to hear from you! Also that you are so positive about the piece! I’ll respond on your message by number:

      1: I do have some awesome women in my life. I consider myself very fortunate with the influence of ladies in my life. Even if some girls are bitchy, I always try to find the positive in them!

      2. I agree with you that there are many beautiful males. But as a man I also want to write this series under the motto of: “Let’s find our neighboring country more beautiful than our own, because with that we can improve the average atmosphere in the world.” And thank you for the compliments to my address! Also, I still have to figure out if I can label the person I am attracted to…

      3. I love that quote! I think the same! I interpret that as “women can be so much more than men in some fields”. In my view, the same goes for the U.S. actually, compared to other countries. The country with the highest potential in my view! But for that ‘socialism’ can’t be seen as an ‘ugly word’ and the perspective on some fundamentals must change, such as education and healthcare (costs), but also immigration, taxes and capitalism. I’m aware that the differences between men and women bring color, though!

      4. I understand that insecurities fall over us all, but I have to say that I not have met many people who are as insecure as me/as I was. Luckily, I become more confident and content with myself. As said in the piece. I have many respect for parents. I wants heard a mother say that a role of a mother is as an apple tree from which the children first pick all the apples on which the mother spent so much time to grow them. Then, in the winter, the children cut down the tree to use the wood for the fire. Later they are going to sit on the piece that is left. I think the role of a mother/parent in moments is a total sacrifice. Luckily, as you know and I hope to know out of experience, beautiful new Apple trees will grow (the children), because of this older apple tree (the parent). And apple trees need sunshine and love as well. Often given by the children.

      5. I agree with you on that one! I often have difficulties trying to have equal relationships. I am also one that never feels satisfied. I think this will bring me very far. But it will never be far enough if I not once in a while see that I can be satisfied with what I have. I think ladies are better in seeing that…

      Thanks for the effort of writing a reaction! This is exactly our goal: Sharing different views! Or views from different people!

      I didn’t see any typos in your writing! Please pardon my typos! Or other mistakes in my English! I will make sure you will learn more about me in my next pieces as well.

      Love, Vincent!

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  2. Amazing write-up Vinny! Women have a massive influence on the society and they have really been one of the greatest forces of change in the 21st century.
    I really enjoyed reading your series on WOMEN. Definitely one for the archives

    Liked by 1 person

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