From my perspective

Women are entry gates into the world. Women need to be appreciated and celebrated. We need to understand them and also learn from them.

– Victor Ogunmodede

Women – Audio

There are often different subjects that pop in to my mind about what I want to write about. Some I don’t write down and are apparently not important enough to remember later. Others can wait (be patient, I have some ideas for upcoming pieces). Others have to be written immediately. A subject that I came up with recently to write about is women. And this piece just has to be written before all others. It has an urgency that cannot be explained. Except for the reason that I just have to express my feelings for things or (in this case) people that I have so much respect for. 

Photo by Thunyarat Klaiklang

If you read the title, you think that this piece is going to be impossible to write (and I would think the same). Not because women are impossible, but because the subject is just too extensive to write about in any form. But for that matter the subtitle was invented and boy, do I save myself with this one. The title-subtitle combination not only makes it possible for me to write about women, it also makes me look forward to writing about this subject so much! Probably more than any other story I have ever written. This will be a story on how I see women, how I think about women, how I feel about women, how I think we should treat women and how we should form our relationship with women. Also this piece came out of my fingers to educate men on, especially, biological processes women have to go through.
Spoiler alert: in general, it will be a positive story about the female gender. Informative and here and there an ode to the people that bring so much beauty, sweetness and love into this world.

Although I said I saved myself with the subtitle, even from my perspective there is much to tell about women. So, during writing, I found that it was just way too much for one piece. After discussing with Victor about separating it into multiple parts, it became clear that this was a very good idea. Especially because I just can’t seem to mirror him in writing short(er) pieces. The same goes for shorter sentaces, sorry for that. I always want to put other things in a post that are (sort of) connected to the subject. So, probably, it will be written in 4 or 5 pieces. All of them not that short either.

But the question is now, where to start? Well, let me first say these pieces are maybe going to make me stand out in a positive or negative way compared to other people on how I look at women. From men in particular, since they can have a very different view on women and/or a very different way of celebrating them. Maybe I will be seen as a ‘know-it-all’, which I want to emphasize; I’m absolutely not! I don’t say that my view on women is any better than any other man’s view. However, I do think that lessons can be learned from how I look at women. If not for other people, than at least for myself. Also, I didn’t form my view on women totally by myself. I did research for the variety of pieces. Next to that, there are a lot of women who helped me shape my understanding on life situations that women have to experience. Also, they showed me their beauty and strength and taught me a lot about the female gender. For that I deeply want to thank these ladies (you know who you are).

In the upcoming pieces, we will discuss some biological themes such as pregnancy, the period and menstruation cycle. Also, the positive influences women had and have on my life. Some (to me) inspiring women and what we can do as the society and men as the dominating part of it to make life ‘better’ for women. Even though I already know it will be very difficult to define ‘better’ and even more difficult to create that life for them.  

The pieces will be uploaded periodically, so stay tuned!

Foto door Vlada Karpovich

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Groot muziekliefhebber en erg geïnteresseerd in wetenschap en educatie.

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